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Chiropractor Irving TX Dr. Jason Black

Dr. Jason Black D.C.

Dr. Jason Black attended George Mason, Radford University in Virginia, and the University of Tennessee. I’ve studied under faculty and scholars worldwide to further my education. I have committed to the “lifetime student” mentality. I love learning and enjoy teaching my practice members about health, healing, and how to apply the simple and easy steps to living your best life!

Chiropractor Jason Black and FamilyDr. Jason Black attended George Mason, Radford University in Virginia, and the University of Tennessee. I’ve studied under faculty and scholars worldwide to further my education. I have committed to the “lifetime student” mentality. I love learning and enjoy teaching my practice members about health, healing, and how to apply the simple and easy steps to living your best life!

Developing an Interest in Chiropractic

Even though he was a 2 sport varsity athlete in high school and played Rugby in college, Dr. Black had never really heard of chiropractic care, until one summer in 1993. Before pursuing his Doctorate, at the prestigious Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Black attended George Mason University, Radford University, and the University of Tennessee. During his undergraduate pre-medical education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Dr. Black took an Anatomy and Physiology course that set his career path in motion towards the wonderful field of Chiropractic.

Dr. Black was actively studying and completing courses towards a double major in Biology and Chemistry, while at UTC, I did not know exactly what profession I’d choose, I just knew I wanted to help people be healthy, fit, and happy! He recalls being in his advisory office at the University of Tennessee following completion of a course in Anatomy, in which Dr. Black became intrigued by the scope of the nervous system and, after taking an anatomy course one summer, fell in love with the body and was fascinated by its structure and function! It was like a light bulb moment, my path in life, the start of my chosen career in healthcare had become so clear to me, for the first time! All of a sudden a profession, a way of looking at health, the human body, and healing, that I had never known became my passion and purpose. It was so inspiring, and exciting having certainty, and new direction. I immediately took all the steps to begin enrollment at Parker College.

I can honestly say that each and every year I love what I do more and more. The incredible patient stories of overcoming ailments of wide variety with the simple and profound adjustment to the spine to help the body heal from within is humbling and amazing! Dr. Black learned that the human body is self-healing and self-regulating from his early studies, and the role in organizing this internal (Innate) process within each of us, but really was able to appreciate this truth, early in practice seeing so many patients who had either given up on getting well, or have been covering up their complaints and symptoms with medications or just flat out suffering. I am so thankful to my undergraduate professors for opening my eyes to the wonders of the human potential, and my graduate professors for giving me the wonderful education that I received at Parker College of Chiropractic.

Helping to Empower Others

Dr. Black is passionate about teaching patients about well-being and healing, and how to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into their lives. “My mission is to help families create extraordinary health and to help them live their best lives”! I love what I do, and I am honored to be the doctor of the future, to teach my patients how care for themselves, and to focus on prevention of health issues!

Staying Active in Irving

Chiropractor Jason Black and WifeWhen he’s not at the practice, Dr. Black, enjoys spending time with his four children and his wife, Brittany. This active father also likes exercising and doing yoga at home and at Sunstone! For me staying active on my bike, or walking my toy golden doodle “Bailey” keeps me focused. I enjoy travel, wine tastings, and cooking with my family. He also does mentoring for many Parker University students, is a founder of the Chiropractic philosophy group in Dallas “EPOC”, and loves his local neighborhood chamber, The Irving Las Colinas Chamber, and La Cima Club.

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Chiropractic Irving TX Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Physician Baber Younas MD
Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Physician

Dr. Baber Younas M.D.

Baber Younas, MD is board certified in anesthesia at Texas Partners in Pain Management. He practices comprehensive pain management to treat low back pain, knee arthritis pain, neck pain and migraines and also doing Rejuvenation / Stem cell.

He specializes in:

  • Migraine therapy care by performing a sphenopalatine block
  • Knee pain using Cool Leaf knee ablation
  • Tendinitis using prolotherapy
  • Sciatica using Joimax endoscopic disc program

Dr. Younas is a proud Cum Laude graduate from Amherst College in Massachusetts, majoring in neuroscience and reasearching pain pathways.

He earned his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. After medical school he went on to specialize in anesthesia at NYU, New York City. He is part of the Texas Medical Association, Dallas Physicians Association and the American Society of Anesthesia.

Chiropractic Irving TX Loreta Pytka Family Nurse Practitioner
Family Nurse Practitioner

Loreta Pytka, FNP

Loreta Pytka is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in the State of Texas. Loreta holds a Master’s degree of Nursing from Saint Francis College and a Bachelor’s degree of Nursing from Saint Xavier University. She holds her certification from American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and is a member of the American Nurse Practitioner Association.

Loreta provides a comprehensive care plan for her patients. Loreta focuses on overall health and wellness through pain management, migraine management, interventional procedures and weight loss management to her treatment plans.

Loreta’s focus is to provide unsurpassed care to her patients and goal is to help them return to their optimal level of function, productivity, and performance. Loreta Pytka not only focuses on the signs and symptoms of disease, but on how the problem affects her patients quality of life. She believes in the patient playing an active role in their treatment program. Loreta Pytka is keen on alleviating pain and achieving optimal quality of life.

Loreta enjoys world travel with her family, staying active, and continuing education. Loreta continues to stay physically healthy and shares her knowledge from her own experiences and education to those who are in need, to educate and promote healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractor Irving TX TERRY MADSEN
Sports Medicine / Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Terry Madsen M.D.

Board-Certified in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Terry Madsen has vast experience in arthroscopic knee surgery, shoulder surgery, ankle surgery, utilizing the newest minimally-invasive sports medicine techniques to optimize outcomes for patients.


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