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Our Irving office helps patients find immediate Relief and Experience Lasting Results with our Specialized Approach to Care, allowing a return to a high quality of life.

Dr. Jason Black
Welcome to Our Office

Dr. Jason Black's
Specialized Process

When it comes to your health and the health of your children, experience matters! Dr. Jason Black has experience with chiropractic for kids of all ages, checking and gently caring for kids of all ages since 1999!

“I firmly believe children deserve to be checked at birth, for imbalances to the alignment of the spine, that can limit health and healing in your child. The fact is it’s easier to correct and maintain kids than repair adult spines with 20+ years of neglect in adult patients. Bottom line, it’s NEVER too early enjoy the benefits of a healthy spine and nervous system”!

- Dr. Jason Black

My mission is helping families live healthy and happy lives for a lifetime, period! Children of all ages should be checked for subluxation! As a father first and a Chiropractor second, I can tell you I will do anything and everything to insure the highest levels of health and happiness for my kids. I want the same for your kids as well.

Chiro-Kids, are what I refer to the kids who come to see me. “They have the strongest immune systems and best grades in their classes” I hear that often and love getting calls from physicians asking me what we are doing, and to keep doing it! We get referrals from pediatricians weekly.

Common signs that your child is suffering from Subluxation:

  • Recurring Ear Infections
  • Colic/ Reflux
  • Asthma/ Allergies (weak immune systems)
  • ADD/ ADHD/ Sensory Processing
  • Autism or Spectrum Disorders
  • Seizures
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Torticollis
  • Anxiety

* We don’t treat the symptoms! Rather we focus on helping the body HEAL itself from within, as we were all designed to do, naturally. Dr. Black has great relationships with local physicians and often co-manages cases with pediatricians, neurologists, and family practice alike! There are several COMMON childhood ailments that manifest due to stress from Physical, Chemical, or Emotional sources. * These Stresses activate a chronic or acute flight of fight response and cause SUBLUXATION patterns. Subluxation (nerve interference/ Stress) is a loss of normal brain to body communication, resulting in a lessening of your body’s ability to SELF-Regulate and heal and function at your full potential.

**Examples of common stress types:

Physical: Birth, Birth with induction, forceps, vacuums, c-section. Falls learning to walk, sports, etc.

Chemical: Vaccines, Formulas, Deficient diet, Sugar, Soy, Medications, Fluoride, Environmental etc.

Emotional: Hospital intervention, Induction of birth, medications by mother during pregnancy, fear,

EMF: TV, Gaming, Phones alike have tremendous Electromagnetic outputs, possibly affecting your child.