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Have you suffered a sports injury? Have you heard the names Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and Kareem Abdul-Jubbar before? These are some of the elite athletes who attribute a large amount of their success to the chiropractic care they received throughout their careers.

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At Ethos Medical Group, an experienced Irving chiropractor will help reduce or eliminate your sports injury pain. This article was created to help show what Ethos Medical Group can do for you.



Neck pain can be tricky to treat. It is essential to know exactly where the pain is originating from. Here at Ethos Medical Group, we will use multiple tools to find the exact location of your pain. This is the first step in the treatment process and may be the most important.

The spine houses almost all the systemic nerves in the human body. It is one of the most complex and important areas of the body. A misaligned spine can cause attached muscles to tighten and spasm. Your muscles tighten as a way to defend against the misaligned vertebrae. Your muscles are making an attempt to protect the spinal column. The two main causes for people with a misaligned spine are poor posture and occupations that require repetitive motion.

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Not only can chiropractic help world famous athletes excel, it has also been shown to provide short and long term benefits for entry level, high school, and college participants.  Ethos Medical Group has been providing care to local amateur and professional sports teams for years and with this article, will inform you how you can benefit.

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When Should An Athlete See a Chiropractor?

Just as people get a flu shot at the beginning of the year to try to prevent getting sick, athletes of all ranks shouldn’t wait to see a chiropractor until after an injury has occurred. While chiropractic has been proven to be an excellent source for injury rehabilitation and healing, it is an even better resource for preventing the damage from happening. Chiropractors view the body as a whole, taking into account all aspects of health. Our team at Ethos Medical Group has the resources to provide adjustive procedures, physical therapy, and soft tissue massage to address the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and ligamentous systems. Through this approach, the body is allowed to function at its optimal level, keeping you off the bench sidelined with injuries throughout the season. If you are an athlete in the Irving area, contact Ethos Medical Group today to schedule your individualized consultation.

As Jerry Rice said, "Chiropractic care helped me stay healthy and succeed in the league for as long as I did."

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