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Dr. Black felt the need to fill the gap in the community's awareness of Natural Health and Healing, as such he started a weekly Radio Show "Attaining Your Ethos Regenerative Maximal Health Potential" from October 2001 - 2014.

Dr. Black of Ethos Regenerative Medical Group is a big believer in education and community empowerment. His vision is a community experiencing health and happiness for a lifetime.

To reach his goal of changing the face of Dallas toward personal responsibility and developing a mindset of habits that create wellness and healthy living, he established a weekly live radio broadcast delivered to the greater Dallas community on the topics related to getting more out of your body and having a lifetime of wellness. Dr. Black has hosted this program since 2001, he has also appeared as a guest expert on various programs aired locally and nationally.

Dr. Black has thousands of hours of airtime, with different radio frequencies, internet radio, and interviews; Dr. Black has positioned himself as a true Wellness leader and patient advocate in the community. A multitude of expert guests have appeared with Dr. Black live on air.

Some of our guests include:

  • Dr. Arno Burnier
  • Dr. Shane Hand
  • Dr. Scott Paton
  • Dr. Martha Nessler
  • Dr. Rob Sinnott
  • Dr. Eric Russell
  • Dr. Russ Rosen
  • Mr. Keith Wasson
  • Dr. Liam Schubel
  • Dr. Matt Rushford
  • Dr. Brandon Huddleston
  • Dr. Peter Kevorkian
  • Dr. Patti Giuliano
  • Dr. Jamie Richards
  • Dr. Jeremy Brook
  • Dr. Alain Desaulniers
  • Mr. Ben Fuchs
  • Dr. Kevin Donka
  • Dr. Sukhi Muker
  • Dr. Ogi Ressel
  • Dr. Billy DeMoss
  • Dr. Brad Glowaki
  • Dr. Matthew Alvord
  • Dr. Peter Martone
  • Dr. Joe Borio
  • Dr. Jason Funk
  • Dr. James Chestnut

and many other thought leaders in Chiropractic.


8:00am - 6:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

Ethos Regenerative Medical Group
300 East Royal Lane #110
Irving, TX 75039
(972) 409-0016


• Military
• Police
• Fire
• Teachers

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