Chiropractic Radio Show in Irving TX

Chiropractic Irving TX Radio Show Resume

Dr. Black felt the need to fill the gap in the community's awareness of natural health and healing in Irving TX, as such he started a weekly Radio Show "Attaining Your Ethos Regenerative Maximal Health Potential" from October 2001 - 2014.

Dr. Black of Ethos Medical Group is a big believer in education and community empowerment. His vision is a community experiencing health and happiness for a lifetime.

To reach his goal of changing the face of Dallas toward personal responsibility and developing a mindset of habits that create wellness and healthy living, he established a weekly live radio broadcast delivered to the greater Dallas community on the topics related to getting more out of your body and having a lifetime of wellness. Dr. Black has hosted this program since 2001, he has also appeared as a guest expert on various programs aired locally and nationally.

Dr. Black has thousands of hours of airtime, with different radio frequencies, internet radio, and interviews; Dr. Black has positioned himself as a true Wellness leader and patient advocate in the community. A multitude of expert guests have appeared with Dr. Black live on air.

Some of the guests on our Irving TX Wellness Radio Show include:

  • Dr. Arno Burnier
  • Dr. Shane Hand
  • Dr. Scott Paton
  • Dr. Martha Nessler
  • Dr. Rob Sinnott
  • Dr. Eric Russell
  • Dr. Russ Rosen
  • Mr. Keith Wasson
  • Dr. Liam Schubel
  • Dr. Matt Rushford
  • Dr. Brandon Huddleston
  • Dr. Peter Kevorkian
  • Dr. Patti Giuliano
  • Dr. Jamie Richards
  • Dr. Jeremy Brook
  • Dr. Alain Desaulniers
  • Mr. Ben Fuchs
  • Dr. Kevin Donka
  • Dr. Sukhi Muker
  • Dr. Ogi Ressel
  • Dr. Billy DeMoss
  • Dr. Brad Glowaki
  • Dr. Matthew Alvord
  • Dr. Peter Martone
  • Dr. Joe Borio
  • Dr. Jason Funk
  • Dr. James Chestnut

and many other thought leaders in Chiropractic.


8:00am - 6:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

8:00am - 6:00pm

Ethos Medical Group

300 E. Royal Lane Suite 110
Irving, TX 75039

(972) 409-0016


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